Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Obligatory Holiday Whatever

This is as much of a holiday post as you're getting, take it or leave it.

So anyway, I haven't really gotten started on any of the US games just yet, though every now and then, I get this inexplicable desire to be timely. Apparently, some famous dude's birthday is coming up, and a bunch of people think it's a big deal. This might sound like a bit of a surly way of describing it, you should know that I'm smiling, and basking in the warm glow of smug self satisfaction. Well, that and Tetris turned me into a Bolshevik atheist years ago. I think I've been over that part already.

Long story short, an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone arose recently.

That's to say, a metaphorical stone, and a pair of equally metaphorical birds... cause, you know, actually killing more than one bird with a single stone isn't particularly hard to do. You just need some way of knowing which stone is the one you threw after hitting the first bird. I recommend painting the stone bright orange.

I should disclaim at this point that you probably shouldn't take my advice... ever. Killing two birds with one stone literally just to prove you can is not a particularly nice thing to do, and usually results in your getting thrown out of the pet shop.

What I'm trying to get at, here, is that I'd really like to shower praise on this beautiful man right here:If the caption didn't make it obvious enough, this is the Wiiviewer. Game critic, sexy stud, loving father, and a man bold and brave enough to go where few other game critics dare step: Wii Shovelware.

As the name might suggest, he tends to stick to the one console, though he owns others, including but not limited to his own freaking Playchoice 10 cabinet! Like so many others before him, he does video reviews of games for Youtube, but unlike most men of his breed, he doesn't just stick to the good ones, and unlike me, he actually gives low budget dredge on the Wii as much a fair shake as he does the AAA titles, and if a game just begs to be played by younger kids, then he brings his two boys in and gets their opinion on the games.

For bravery in the field of actually evaluating kusoge and discussing it's merits, I've wanted to give this man a much earned salute for a while now, if only because he's beaten me to the punch on more than a couple games I was thinking of writing about. In particular, Chuck E. Cheese's Party Games. Seriously, I was just waiting for a price drop on that one. I might be fond of bad games, but I'm not made of money. If I were, there'd be a Panasonic Jungle in my future.

The reason it's so timely of me to namedrop the Wiiviewer, is because he's recently reviewed the Rudolph game for the Wii. A minigame collection that somehow manages to outdo even Muscle March in terms of lacking content. It's perhaps telling that I saw copies of this game by the pile on clearance at Zellers, perhaps more telling that one of the developers of the DS game actually wrote a user review on Amazon in order to distance that game from the Wii version thereof:
(special thanks to Frank Cifaldi, another beautiful man I adore, for pointing this out in a recent podcast)

So, in a bid to tie this whole mess of a post together with the current holiday season, while simultaneously increasing the amount of content I provide by mooching off someone else's hard work, here are some links to my favourite Wiiviewer Kusoge reviews:

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
JaJa's Adventure
Chuck E. Cheese's PArty Games
Cooking Mama: World Kitchen
Pet Pals: Animal Doctor
Petz: Crazy Monkeyz
Mad Dog McCree

Oh, you just know I couldn't resist throwing in Petz and Mad Dog. (At this point, you could probably make a six degrees of separation game with the Petz franchise in place of Kevin Bacon)

Well either way, Mr. Wiiviewer, whatever your actual name is (I honestly can't recall if you ever said), Camp Kusoge salutes you.

So from all of us here at Camp Kusoge (i.e. me), Merry X-mas, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, and all that, and may the proletariat one day rise up against his bourgeois oppressors.

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